Blind Man’s Lantern

Blind Mans Lantern

Blind Mans Lantern

What is an Amish couple doing riding away from a spaceship in a horse-drawn buggy? In this clash-of-cultures science fiction story we follow Aaron and Martha Stoltzfoos (an Amish couple from Lancaster, PA) as they take leave of the spacecraft that carried them light years to the planet of Murna. The purpose of their expedition is to homestead Amish style and set an example of exceptional farming to the local inhabitants and encourage an era of agricultural advancement. What will the Murnans and the Stoltzfooses teach each other? And what happens when Aaron commits an unforgivable offense?

Blind Man's Lantern is a sci-fi short story that was first published by Allen Kim Lang. This reformatted Science Fiction Classic is offered by Eli Jayne for your enjoyment.



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